Solutions Theater (ST) – Open to All

ST1-2 Don’t React - Shift. Transform Your Security Strategy for Speed.

May 13, 2014

11:15 AM - 11:45 AM

Paul Nguyen

President, Global Cyber Solutions

CSG Invotas

Cyber intelligence sharing and gathering creates new demand for faster incident response and recovery capabilities. Once you know you have been compromised, you have a mandate to act—or suffer costly consequences. Manual processes are slowing many organizations response times as humans are required to change security devices and settings; meanwhile, smart attackers use a system of botnets, enabling them to attack networks from multiple angles simultaneously. To defend against these attacks effectively, security operators must be agile and utilize new strategies that both protect and enable business operations.

By designing automated courses of action to replace manual tasks, organizations can deliver faster response times and shift the dynamics of their defense strategies. In this session, we will explore views recently published and talk about what a security strategy can look like once it adapts its security posture in a synchronized, scalable, and auditable way.

The audience will be encouraged to share personal insights on related pain points and potential actions they would like to automate. They will be asked to rethink what they know about network security and how that knowledge is likely to shift with the use of automation.

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