Solutions Theater (ST) – Open to All

ST1-5 Leveraging Situational Awareness and Intelligence from Twitter – New Techniques for Analysis and Visualization

May 13, 2014

1:30 PM - 2:00 PM

Scott Sieracki

Executive Vice President, Global Sales

IDV Solutions

Twitter has risen in prominence as an important source of real-time, “on-the-ground” situational intelligence as demonstrated in events such as the Colorado wildfires, Boston Marathon bombings, and others. The disclosure that the National Security Agency uses Twitter data for homeland security and defense has heightened interest in how companies and local public safety agencies can benefit from not only what people are saying, but also the metadata contained in every tweet: who, when, where and more.

This presentation will explore visualizations – and analysis and visualization tools – that transform and leverage raw tweets into security and situational awareness intelligence. Learn how different incidents and events – from the Boston Marathon bombings to natural disasters – manifest on Twitter and how they can be used in day-to-day operations and emergency response.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Analyze Twitter metadata and content and its role in security intelligence and increased situational awareness for organizations and law enforcement.
  2. Apply new techniques in geolocation, visualization, and “sentiment quorums” of Twitter users to detect and alert on emerging events and incidents.

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