Critical Infrastructure & Secured Cities (CI)

CI2-2 Achieving Critical Infrastructure Resilience...The RIP tool

May 14, 2014

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

John Contestabile

John Contestabile

Asst. Program Mgr.

Johns Hopkins University/Applied Physics Lab

Making the nation’s infrastructure more resilient is crucial to protecting America from disasters and attacks; it is also vital to preserving America's economic competitiveness and global influence. Towards that end, this presentation introduces a practical framework for implementing resilience at all levels of government and CI sectors.

The "Resilience Implementation Process" (RIP), is a general methodology that can be used to operationalize resilience. The process provides a framework to employ qualitative and quantitative tools to optimize preparedness decisions and provides a prioritized action plan based on input from “risk-mapping” and a functional resilience framework.

The Resilience Implementation Process has three parts:

  • Risk Map. This is a visualization of the current infrastructure condition at a particular geographic location, depicting physical and virtual relationships in order to gain an understanding of the extent of connectedness across essential functions.
  • Functional Resilience Framework. The framework uses the existing map of connections in an event-based analysis, examining capabilities during an incident based upon the criticality of the functions they support.
  • Action Plan. Leveraging the findings of the connections map and the analysis of the functional resilience framework, the action plan provides planners with indicators where and when events must be executed and actions that should be taken.

Session Learning Objectives:

  1. To understand the difference between Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience
  2. To understand the need for a more resilient posture across all sectors
  3. To understand the proposed Resilience Implementation Process

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