Counter & Anti-Terrorism (CT)

CT2-1 Antiterrorism for Law Enforcement & Security: News You Can Use

May 14, 2014

10:15 AM - 11:15 AM

J. M. Peterson

Special Projects Director

Counterterrorism & Security Education and Research Foundation

This session seeks to provide a look at the threat we are facing and what they can do about it. Though so much effort is devoted to response to terrorist attacks and consequence management, there is quite simply no amount of budgetary resources nor response capability that will completely prepare us if certain types of terrorist attacks, to include a nuclear dirty bomb (radiological dispersal device) or persistent nerve agent , were to occur. Further, our enemies continue to conduct and refine their methods of conducting a complex attack as well as in using IEDs, neither of which we can allow to start on U.S. soil.

The focus, therefore, must be on prevention, or antiterrorism. While the military and intelligence community focus on CT efforts overseas, domestically, the answer is not merely counter terrorism and terrorism incident response, it is in antiterrorism and stopping them altogether. Presented multiple times to a variety of audiences, this session highlights the most necessary and useful resources, techniques, and priorities that work.

Learning Objectives:

This presentation will provide specific information to the attendees so that they may go back to and enable their personnel on what they need to do to prevent or stop an attack, as well as how they can work better with their partners in other organizations.

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