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KNT2-1 Boston Marathon Bombing: A Collaborative Approach to Catch A Terrorist

May 14, 2014

8:45 AM - 10:00 AM

Colonel Timothy P. Alben


Massachusetts State Police

Edward F. Davis

Former Police Commissioner (Ret’d)

City of Boston Police Department

Richard DesLauriers

former Special Agent in Charge (SAC)

Boston Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

Brian McGrory (Moderator)

Editor, The Boston Globe

Former FBI Agent in Charge Richard DesLauriers, superintendent of the Massachusetts State Police Colonel Timothy P. Alben, and Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis worked together as well as with many other federal, state, and local agency heads throughout the Boston Marathon Bombing investigation.

In this keynote panel session, moderator Boston Globe editor Brian McGrory, will host a discussion with the panelists on the importance of information sharing and collaboration among policing and intelligence community partners (federal, state & local) to successfully combat terrorism.

As leads of the Boston Marathon bombing incident, Special Agent DesLauriers, Colonel Alben, and Commissioner Davis will share their experiences with the audience on how teamwork and partnering among all levels of law enforcement as well as citizens across America helped capture the Boston Marathon bombers.

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