Law Enforcement Strategies & Tactics (LE)

LE2-3 Cyber Crime: Are You Protected?

May 14, 2014

2:45 PM - 3:45 PM

Page W. Moon


Focus Data Solutions

Eddie Reyes

Eddie Reyes

Deputy Chief

Alexandria, VA Police Department

According to major law enforcement agencies, almost every crime today involves the use of a computer or the Internet with the computer being classified as a target, a weapon, or an accessory.  And make no mistake about it, often times that “computer” is a tablet or Smart phone in the hands of criminal elements.  The three primary sources of most cybercrime are the Grab and Go criminals (have no useful information for the data, mostly interested in the hardware); Employee Theft (Property or Method) and Network Resource and IP Attack Hackers.   While these types of offenses are leading the crime growth of most major law enforcement agencies, they will tell you that it is often the most difficult type of crime to combat because:  apprehension extremely difficult;  venue and prosecution is just as hard and most courts still consider this a “victimless” crime, providing restitution was made.  In order to prevent this from happening to you, you must start by hardening the exterior of your dwelling, to include walking your property like a criminal would.  Have sound policy in place for personnel practices (BYOD, MDM, etc.) and ensure your hardware, network and software are “bulletproof”.  This session will address all of these issues and more.

Session Learning Objectives:

  1. You will learn who commits these offenses (it’s not who you think)
  2. Know and understand the different target layers in order to harden all targets
  3. Having well defined and exercised policy can often be your best protection

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