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Cyber & Physical Security (CS)

CS1-3 New China Threat: The Parallel Company

November 19, 2013

3:45 PM - 4:45 PM

John Lee


Major global US and European firms are being attacked in unprecedented frequency, methods and intensity by Chinese individuals and entities which leaves a lot of managers wondering why and (more importantly) how to stop these attacks! Now there is a disturbing trend emerging which threatens to overshadow former acts of espionage - it is called the Parallel Company. The Parallel Company threat is real and seeks to replicate your firm from trade secrets, customer lists, vendor relationships and personnel piracy - in short, the aspects that make your company successful and unique!

This presentation will cover:

• What is driving these attacks?
• Various methods of attacks that help to feed the Parallel Company phenomenon
• How you can be attacked without being in China (in non-cyber ways)
• Why the “China Playbook” consistently defeats US security measures • What is the best counter-strategy to prevent attacks
• Case studies of real-life attacks on US and European firms and the HUGE losses they sustained

If you want to get beyond the headlines and rhetoric about Chinese attacks, you must attend this presentation.