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Cyber & Physical Security (CS)

CS2-3 Criminal Justice Information Sharing Via the National Data Exchange (N-DEx)

November 20, 2013

3:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Charles Bush

International Association of Chiefs of Police

N-DEx is a repository of criminal justice records available to appropriate criminal justice professionals via secure, on-line access. Information available within N-DEx covers the full life cycle of the criminal justice process including traffic stops, case reports, central dispatch information, jail booking and prison incarceration information, and parole/probation information. No cost access to N-DEx is a valuable tool available to criminal investigators and analysts to assist them in their criminal investigations and crime prevention efforts.

The N-DEx workshop will provide an overview of the N-DEx system along with a live demonstration of the system. The learning objectives include: - an understanding of the information available within N-DEx - an understanding of how access to N-DEx can be obtained - the ability to access computer based training for use of the N-DEx system - the ability to perform basic and advanced searches within the N-DEx system - an understanding of polices addressing system access, use and dissemination of information. - an understanding of how to use N-DEx as a deconfliction tool - an understanding of how to use N-DEx as a collaboration tool.