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XP2-1 Building the Human Trust Factor for a Safer Train: A Case Study

November 20, 2013

10:15 AM - 11:00 AM

Paula M. Medina

Environmental Training & Professional Services

There are many tools and strategies available to the safety professional at work.  One of the most versatile tools in my experience is known under several names: Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) or Job Safety Analysis (JSA).  All the names and adjectives lead to the same strategies of observing, describing, brainstorming, and implementing that we will discuss in detail using as frame of reference the rail industry with its peculiar characteristics and regulations.  Another element that we cannot forget to use in our safety evaluations and mitigation endeavors is the human touch. 

As David Nour, a consultant and author of Relationship Economics and ConnectAbility said in several occasions, all healthy human relationships start with trust and respect and are maintained by good communication skills.  Through simple exercises on communication skills, anecdotes, and fostering discussion between the participants, we will all get in touch with the "artsy" side of our line of work, while insisting in the appreciation of the different personality traits we face every day.  After a collaborative exercise on how to do a JHA, we will explore different applications to this useful tool, all in a relaxed learning environment where we can share experiences and develop new ways to use this rather accessible, simple tool.

Learning Objectives:

1. The participant will learn the meaning of the term "Job Hazard Analysis" or JHA.
2. The participant will apply a suggested sequence of steps to perform a JHA
3. The participant will brainstorm about other scenarios where the JHA may serve as a tool to complete diverse tasks