Cyber & Physical Security (CS)

Cybercrime and cyber terrorism are a growing national security threat. Whether from foreign governments, organized crime or terrorist organizations, cyber-attacks are increasing in intensity. No single process will stop these attacks; new approaches and increased vigilance are required. These sessions will provide an understanding of the nature and source of these attacks and how to protect against them.

From physical threats to the cyber threats to control systems, threat to our nation’s critical infrastructure continues to rise.  Government and the private sector must implement strategies and technologies that protect critical sectors of our economy in an advanced persistent threat environment. These sessions examine the increased exposure to attacks upon our critical infrastructure and how to best protect and secure these key resources.

The need for flexible, scalable and effective access control system that protects people, assets and facilities is of prime importance to security professionals. Physical access control, perimeter security and video surveillance are all components of an effective system. These sessions address the materials, equipment, systems and procedures and how to integrate them into a comprehensive physical security infrastructure.