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GovSec Advisory Council Member Weighs in on Boston Marathon Bombings


What happened at the Boston Marathon on Monday April 15th was a terrible tragedy. First-responders described the scene from the blast as looking like a war zone. While investigations are still ongoing as to what caused the explosion, law enforcement officials told NBC News that they believed “the bombs were shrapnel-studded pressure cookers, hidden in backpacks and set off by timers”.

In a recent interview, US Army Retired Colonel Robert Morris, an explosives expert and current GovSec Advisory Board Member, discussed the subject of IEDs (improvised explosive devices) in relation to the tragic incident in Boston. In the interview Morris notes that “one thing you'll notice until recently, we didn't mention IEDs in the US. We're now getting some realization that not only is it happening here but it could get much worse."

As Founder the Global Campaign Against IEDs organization, Morris banded together with other fellow veterans to create awareness about the ongoing threat of IEDs, both nationally and globally. In the interview, Morris mentions that “according to the Joint IED Defeat Organization, the US is ranked among the top countries in the world with the most IED incidents within our own borders”, the main target being schools.

After witnessing the devastation in Boston, Morris felt a disappointment because of the lack of awareness of IED incidents; he said that it’s regretful that it takes an incident like this to “bring this issue to the forefront”. In response to the situation, Morris explains that first responders like the policemen and the firefighters need to be trained in the best practices to how to handle the situations – that something like this ‘it’s not just a military problem’.

Recognizing the importance of emergency incident response, GovSec 2013, taking place May 13-15 in Washington, DC, has developed the Disaster Response & Recovery Track to equip attendees with the proper education needed for these types of incidents.

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