2011 Free Education

Quality education is a prominent feature throughout the GovSec EXPO and surrounding classrooms.    These FREE sessions provide civilian and military security professionals as well as federal, state and local law enforcement information critical to protecting their communities and our nation.

Full details of sessions, details and schedules coming soon! (See 2010 FREE Education choices)


The Briefings at GovSec present an exceptional opportunity for key topic overviews affecting government security and law enforcement.  The government agencies, publications and associations presenting these sessions bring a unique and valuable prospective on critical issues faced by security professionals throughout federal, state and local governments.

CISSP Exam Prep Clinic          


Presented by:

If you have been preparing for your CISSP exam and want those important test taking tips that will increase your chances of passing, you need to attend the free CISSP Exam Prep Clinic presented by the University of Fairfax, the leading information assurance/security graduate program in the US. The CISSP Exam Prep Clinic includes 150+ test taking tips. The instructor will review over 150 sample questions from all 10 domains that are addressed in the exam.

Security Clearance Mini Workshop

Presented by:

Achieve clearance success with the Security Clearance Mini Workshop, which will help you maximize your chances of success in the security clearance process. The information prepares you to avoid common mistakes and oversights that lead to security clearance application failure and covers what you need to know to expedite your clearance process.

The U.S. faces a growing shortage of InfoSec professionals holding security clearances to fight the war on cyber crime. Maintaining or obtaining a security clearance can accelerate your career in both the public and private sectors.

First Responder Site Assessment Tabletop Exercise (Model City built by NSA)

Limited to Qualified First Responders Only
Presented by:

Actions taken in the first minutes of an incident can make the difference between an efficient, coordinated response and an embarrassing failure. First responders know they lead this response during the first 15 – 30 minutes of an incident. Through tabletop exercises using a model city built by NSA instructors, the participants will have a better understanding on how to look for the obvious as well as hidden obstacles to emergency response and learn methods and solutions to improve the community they live in.

International Issues & Initiatives on Cybersecurity

Presented by the American Bar Association's Privacy & Computer Crime Committee, Section of Science & Technology Law

This program will discuss the international issues associated with cyber criminal activity. There is no single or simple solution, but there are some common requirements for global cyber security.  One is a harmonized legal framework with respect to cybercrimes and common procedural rules for mutual assistance, cooperation and search and seizure of electronic evidence.  Another requirement is an understanding of the issues confronted in investigating cybercrimes in order to facilitate maximum cooperation globally



Grants: Preparing your Department to Submit a Winning Application



Presented by PoliceGrantshelp.com

Presenter: Denise Schlegel, Senior Grant Consultant

Grant funders award grant contracts to police departments which can demonstrate a strong capacity to manage and implement a grant project by providing the evidence, data and key strategic planning needed to meet the application requirements. This workshop will provide the Chief and his top management the tools, resources and sound business practices needed to develop and submit a competitive winning grant application. It will also provide best practices to keep your fiscal and personnel grant commitments targeted on the front sight of your annual budget and management plans. Each participant will be provided a CD with key internet resources, tools and best practices documents.

GovCyber Theater

Learn from companies with the solutions you need as they provide a focused session on cybersecurity. You’ll learn from experts in their fields, many with extensive backgrounds in government. They will share insights gained from federal agencies and departments addressing the hottest issues in critical infrastructure protection, cyberterrorism and cybercrime

Law Enforcement Case Studies and Tactics

Law enforcement now extends to protecting critical infrastructure from terrorism, responding to natural and accidental disasters and serving as the first line of defense in homeland security. These sessions are presented by and for federal, state and local law enforcement, enabling leaders in law enforcement to be even better prepared for the unforeseen challenges ahead.



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