Attractions come to GovSec/U.S. Law 2010!
Reserve your space today to experience these exciting new features!

  • Cybersecurity Theater & Pavilion – FREE!*
    Experience the latest solutions to ensure a trusted and resilient information and communications infrastructure. The products, services and strategies to support our government’s increased focus on cybersecurity as a homeland security issue will be at the Cybersecurity Pavilion.
  • Focus on Digital Forensics Pavilion – FREE!*
    Information gathered through digital forensics is used to prevent future terrorist attacks, reduce the nation’s vulnerability and minimize the damage from attacks that occur. Meet those who provide this invaluable service.
  • Law Theater – FREE!*
    Preventing future attacks, responding to threats and ensuring the public safety now extends to all levels of law enforcement. The U.S. Law pavilion, combined with the new Law Enforcement Theater, will provide the tools, techniques and strategies needed to safeguard the security of your communities and the nation.
  • Interrogation Techniques Workshop – FREE!*
    Non-threatening ways to get the information you’re looking for. And to trust you’ve been giving the correct information. A one-of-a-kind workshop, not to be missed by an interrogator!
  • International Initiatives on Cybersecurity – FREE!*
    Users around the globe have their productivity and connectivity threatened by malware, system vulnerabilities, digital espionage, and other cyber criminal activities. There is no single or simple solution, but there are some common requirements for global cyber security. Join in the discussion! 
  • And a 4-track, 20-session conference** covering:
    -Critical Infrastructure Planning and Protection
    -Cybersecurity and Information Assurance
    -Domestic and International Terrorism: Deterrence, Preparation and Response
    -Law Enforcement Case Studies and Tactics 
  • 2 full day tutorials presented with the SANS Institute**
    Forensics Fundamentals - The hardest part of forensics is not recovering data, but understanding how the recovered evidence could prove a case. Becoming a master computer forensic examiner by starting here.
    Cutting-Edge Hacking Techniques - Computer attackers continue their relentless march in improving their tools and techniques. To help fight back, this action-packed one-day course describes these latest attack trends and what you can do to thwart the bad guys.


  *FREE for all government, government contractors, and military.
** Click here for full Conference pricing.

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