Larry Volz

Larry Volz

Chief of Police

University of District of Columbia

Chief Larry Volz has over 32 years of law enforcement experience and is currently the Chief of Police at the University of the District of Columbia (UDC). UDC is a HBCU and the only public university within the City of Washington DC. UDC operates 4 main intercity locations within the District and several smaller sites within the region. UDC hosts a Graduate School, a four year university, a community college, a law school, and several work force development programs.

During his nearly three years at UDC, Chief Volz has designed a major reorganization of the Office of Public Safety/Police. This includes an overhaul in management oversight, improved internal/external communication protocols, and notification systems to the community. He has implemented a new RMS/CAD system to replace an old outdated system and procured a new firearms program for the department along with increasing staff training overall to include active shooter. He has vastly enhanced / increased the technology security systems at the 4 main locations of UDC to include video cameras, access control, alarms systems, and the monitoring center in the Emergency Communications Center (ECC). He has made major improvements to the UDC critical infrastructure and has established / leads a successful Threat Assessment Team (TAT) at UDC. He is the Co-Chair of the Law Enforcement section of the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area and most recently is a national finalist for Director of the Year. Overall he has increased efficiency and effectiveness of Public Safety while working within a reduced funding situation.

Prior to coming to UDC, Chief Volz served 30 years at the University of Maryland - College Park with the Department of Public Safety/Police, where he worked his way through the ranks before retiring as Deputy Chief. Early in his career, his assignments included patrol officer, detective, academy instructor, and shift supervisor. Later in his career, he was assigned to provide command oversight to a variety of units/divisions including Special Events, Auxiliary Services, Patrol Division, Special Projects, Crime Prevention, and lastly the Commander of the Support Service Bureau. During his lengthy tenure as Special Events Commander, he oversaw all law enforcement operations for major sporting events, concerts, VIP visits, and events with crowds up to 70,000 people. His expertise includes establishing best practice models for university major special event management and auxiliary services management. In addition, he served on numerous major construction projects where he provided critical expertise to a number of stakeholders in road design, pedestrian issues, target hardening, and crime prevention.

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