Justify Your Attendance

Justify Your AttendanceYou recognize the value of attending GovSec 2014, but how do you communicate that to those responsible for approving your professional development requests?

We know that travel and training budgets are tight, and it’s difficult to get approval to attend events and conferences, which is why we’re here to help!

We’ve created a customizable letter just for you!

Download your letter here, then check out other tips and ideas below!

Other Helpful Pointers to Justify Your Attendance

  1. Training others when you return.
    Make the conference more valuable by offering to bring back what you’ve learned. Get extra copies of hand-outs and take notes. Then, set up a training session or send out information when you’re back.
  2. Check out the competition.
    Networking with competitors or similar agencies will allow your organization to stay up to date with what is going on in the industry. This is a key reason to have a presence at an event.
  3. Justify the cost of the conference.
    Compare it to other educational courses and offerings. Other alternatives will cost more. Additionally, offer to split the costs or pay for a portion if you are able to. This will show how enthusiastic you are about attending.
  4. Don’t forget the vendors!
    While the education is the main focus make sure to point out key vendors that will be attending GovSec. Talking with vendors can be a great way to gain extra knowledge and potentially learn about new products.
  5. Professional development.
    One of the best ways to get approval to attend a conference is to connect your responsibilities, goals and challenges to your conference experience. Listed here are some goals common to our attendees, as well as the ways in which GovSec meets these needs, so you can make a strong case for attending.

Goal How GovSec 2014 Supports Your Goal
Objectively evaluate products, services, tools and solutions needed to fulfill your mission. GovSec does not advocate particular technologies, products or companies. Instead, through break-out sessions, in-depth workshops and an exclusive exhibit hall, we help you explore the options so you can make decisions that are right for your organization.
Stay up-to-date on the latest government security tactics, technologies and initiatives. The GovSec conference program delivers exceptional learning opportunities on the maintenance of critical infrastructure, cybersecurity trends, domestic and international terrorism, law enforcement and more!
Make better decisions for your team, project and organization. After attending GovSec, you will better anticipate, prepare, prevent and response to terrorism, accidental and natural disasters and attacks on critical infrastructure, Leave with the latest tools, strategies, and resources at your fingertips. Effectively incorporate cutting-edge trends and best practices into your daily strategy.
Learn how other agencies are fulfilling their missions. GovSec 2014 offers the ultimate networking experience. Meet hundreds in YOUR field, dealing with the same challenges you face.

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