Law Enforcement Strategies & Tactics (LE)

LE1-2 Leveraging Social Media to Provide Actionable Intelligence

May 13, 2014

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Rick Graham

Chief of Detectives (Ret’d), Jacksonville, FL Sheriff’s Office

Law Enforcement Liaison, LexisNexis Risk Solutions

Jamie Roush

Crime Analysis Unit Manager

Jacksonville (FL) Sheriff’s Office

Did you know that three out of every four law enforcement professionals are using social media for crime investigation/prevention; that 87% of the time social media when used as a probable cause for a search warrant holds up in court; or that 67% believe information obtained via social media can help solve investigations more quickly? Officers are constantly looking for new methods of policing - social media offers enhancements to this process.

This session will detail how law enforcement agencies are unlocking the value of big data from social media platforms to discover risks, threats and gain actionable intelligence. This approach can help indicate potential areas of concern, as well as generate leads and enhance the witness pool during investigations. This session will also discuss how social media information adds a virtual dimension to traditional public records data to verify identities, uncover non-obvious associations and generate a comprehensive view of an individual for investigative purposes.

Session Learning Objectives:

  1. How social media can be effectively used to help in crime prevention/detection/investigation scenarios - the current and future trends of the use of social media for investigations
  2. How to unlock the value of big data from social media platforms
  3. How to leverage that data to discover risks, threats and gain actionable intelligence - firsthand experience and examples of using social media to support the investigation process

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