Disaster Response & Recovery (DRR)

DRR2-1 A Role for CERT in Social Media Monitoring

May 14, 2014

10:15 AM - 11:15 AM

Steve Peterson


Montgomery County Community Emergency Response Team

Montgomery County CERT (MCCERT) has successfully implemented initiatives in response to several recent natural disasters. MCCERT provided social media monitoring support at the local Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and developed and consolidated situational reports (SITREPs), proving volunteers are a valuable asset in times of emergency. Having trustworthy and credible sources to monitor social media platforms proved tremendously valuable to officials within the EOC. The MCCERT members who remained home and provided assessments on road conditions, weather conditions, and photos was essential to its success. Social media monitoring during these disasters has unveiled several areas worthy to monitor - transportation-related matters, authoritative agencies, news and weather. MCCERT utilized a social media management dashboard to monitor both Twitter and Facebook. Many key takeaways from their social media monitoring support have surfaced and the Montgomery County CERT President, Steve Peterson, would like to share them at the conference. Mr. Peterson is proud that the Montgomery County CERT volunteers stepped up on to the tasks at hand and provided unique "virtual" support for the community utilizing advancing technologies.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Trained volunteers are an economical way for first-responder agencies to begin adopting social media into their environment
  2. Trained volunteers are a productive way for first-responder agencies to continue maintaining their day-to-day operations while having someone monitor the latest technologies for information
  3. CERTs are trained, credible, and trustworthy and differentiate themselves from all other volunteer organizations that may step up during a disaster 

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