Campus Security & Life Safety (SLS)

SLS2-3 Managing Events on Campus: The Trials and Tribulations

May 14, 2014

2:45 PM - 3:45 PM

Captain Laura Dyer

Special Events/Special Operations Commander

Department of Public Safety, University of Maryland

Larry Volz

Larry Volz

Chief of Police

University of District of Columbia

This presentation will cover special event management concepts and real examples for both small scale and large scale events in a university setting. These concepts will include the following topics and will include real life examples and experiences:

  • Pre-event planning Operations order/plan
  • Stakeholder involvement
  • Traffic Control Crowd Control
  • Multiple Law Enforcement Agency involvement
  • The use of Event Management personnel - non-law enforcement - ushers/CSC/etc.
  • Alcohol and Drugs Small scale events to include parties, socials, and small concerts
  • Large scale events to include sporting events, commencements, VIP visits, large concerts.
  • After action reports
  • Charge back operation and making a profit Metal detector / searches
  • Use of agency non-law enforcement at events - tudents/administrative/dispatchers
  • Command centers Signage/equipment Event Management Team (EMT)
  • Post Event "celebrations"

Session Learning Objectives:

  • Way of using non-law enforcement personnel to save costs and cops.
  • Coordination of allied law enforcement agencies for maximum effect.
  • Traffic control set-up and coordination - get them in and get them out.

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