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Emmett McGrath

Director Government Technical Sales

Communications Supply Corporation (CSC), A Subsidiary of WESCO Distribution, Inc.

Emmett McGrath is the Director of Government Technical Sales for the industry leading program dedicated to protecting Top Secret Networks for the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Intelligence Community.  The Secure(it) Program was developed by Communications Supply Corporation, a subsidiary of WESCO International.  The program showcases their Secure(it) products and solutions designed to protect the integrity of the physical and network security infrastructure across all industry sectors , including healthcare.  From new and innovative solutions for Protected Distribution Systems to secure cable and connectivity systems WESCO/CSC understands C4IST technology requirements.  

For more than a decade Mr. McGrath has been consulting on critical networks all over the world.  His expertise lies in developing solutions for networks carrying critical national security information.  For the past decade Mr. McGrath has been developing an in-depth understanding and awareness of existing & emerging technologies, regulations and requirements.  The Secure(it) Program serves as the Industry Leading Supplier of “Physical Layer” security products and solutions.