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Glenn Spencer

American Border Patrol

Glenn Spencer grew up in Southern California and attended Cal State Northridge (B.A.  Economics/Mathematics) and UCLA. Glenn’s career includes years working for a  Washington, D.C. think tank and a four-year stint managing a seismic oil  exploration company. In 1992 Glenn retired to spend full time on the problem of  illegal immigration. In September 2002, Glenn moved to Sierra Vista and launched  American Border Patrol (ABP). Shortly thereafter,  ABP began sending live images of border crossers over the Internet. ABP also began flying its own unmanned aerial  vehicle along the border in early 2003. In April the Border Hawk  UAV was featured on national television. This led the Department  of Homeland Security to devise a plan to test UAVs.  Thereafter, the DHS announced that UAVs would  be a permanent part of the border security system. ABP now flies the border in a Cessna TU-206,  equipped with specials cameras that can send live video streaming over the  Internet. ABP used this system to produce a DVD entitled:  The U.S, Border Patrol: How It Works,  and Why It Doesn't.

In 2006 Glenn launched Operation B.E.E.F.  (Border Enforcement Evaluation First) that mapped the progress of the border  fence.  This map can be seen on Most recently, ABP has been testing the Sonic Barrier, a system that  can count everyone crossing the U.S.-Mexico border.  One-half mile of the system has been  installed on ABP’s border ranch in Cochise  County.