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Clinton “Safety Man” Gray, MBA

Risk Management – Safety Manager

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

A leader in safety management known for his implementation and development of safety related programs, Clinton Gray offers a unique blend of trainings to fit your needs in reducing work related injuries. His leadership and professional skills have been honed through two decades of service at Frito-Lay and Dallas/ Fort Worth International Airport. As Risk Management Safety Manager, Clinton has built a responsive safety program that has helped reduce intentional and accidental workplace injuries.

With a reputation of wearing many hats, Clinton is highly qualified to provide in-house safety trainings, implement and conduct programs, investigate incidents, ergonomic assessments, facility inspections, coaching and mentoring. His service of over 20 years included positions and responsibilities as a Risk Management Safety Manager, overseeing the safety program for 1,500 employees and Safety Coordinator, where he ensured that the corporation maintained OSHA’s compliance standards.

Clinton has a proactive approach to his safety programs which prevent future accidents or injuries. He investigates prior incidents to determine the root cause and develops proper actions to eliminate unsafe action and/or conditions. His safety program includes a broad range of written safety policies and procedures that impact employees, customers and contractors.

He is competent in preparing and participating in corporate safety audits. The audit consists of 21 safety programs including management leadership, employee involvement, worksite analysis, hazard prevention and control, electrical and incident management.

Clinton is OSHA certified to serve as a trainer in occupational safety and health standards and holds a certificate from the Texas Engineering Extension Service. He’s active in professional organizations including OSHA’s VPPPA Region VI Outreach and Education committee and American Society of Safety Engineers.

His educational background includes a Master of Arts in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resource Management and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Phoenix.

Clinton is dedicated to inspiring all those who come in contact with him. His plans are to utilize all his knowledge regarding safety to help you minimize workplace injuries.