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Dawn Schafer

Executive Director and Founder

HAWK (Helping America Watch over its Kids)

Dawn Schafer is the Executive Director and Founder of HAWK (Helping America Watch over its Kids).  Powered by FacilityONE®’s SMARTPRINT™ technology, HAWK™ is an intuitive graphical interface that lets you “see” every aspect of the facility and its systems.  Dawn is a successful entrepreneur who Co-founded FacilityONE in 1999.   She effectively brought Angel Investors to FacilityONE as she continues to nurture these relationships as well as introducing Strategic Relationships to the company.  FacilityONE is a leading provider of cloud-based facility management software, and their SMARTPRINT® technology, which can enhance security operations in many industries.

Her most recent Strategic Partnership is with Secure Strategy Group (SSG) out of New York, and in conjunction with SSG, FacilityONE continues to grow in many industries.  In the July issue of Security Magazine, FacilityONE was featured as the cover story “Showing First Responders the Way.” Whether it’s day-to-day management or urgent response, FacilityONE can bring order to chaos with organized, accessible information available through any PC with an Internet connection.

Dawn has a long extinguished career in the electrical contracting industry as a previous co-owner of Cain Electric, as well as a Fiber Optic Company and a Printing Company.  She has a Degree in Biblical Research where she studied Greek and Aramaic.  Dawn has always held a passion for the safety of our children and is on a mission to help our first responders obtain the information they need, which will help save lives and properties.