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Edward D. Clark

Principal Consultant

Executive Interface, LLC

Edward D. Clark humbly offers 24 years of experience as a Special Forces Officer (Green Beret) to include combat and security assistance assignments throughout Africa and the Middle East. He also brings over 25 years of formal training as an instructor, training developer and training manager to the project.  After 9/11 Mr. Clark was actively recruited to serve as the Director of the Homeland Security Threats Office.  It was this assignment that drove him to reverse engineer the CARVER targeting tool to conduct vulnerability assessments on Nuclear Power Plants, Food and Agriculture commodities, and other national assets to include the Ground Based Mid Range Missile Defense System. 

Mr. Clark has played a key role in developing National level security programs for the United States. Examples include: The Department of Homeland Security (US Coast Guard) reached out to Mr. Clark to serve as their senior security consultant to assist them in evaluating over 4,000 facility security and emergency response plans as they implemented the maritime Transportation Security Act of 2002 (MTSA 2002).  In addition to his serving as the Lead Consultant to the White House Homeland Security Council’s Bio-terrorism Team, he also applied his cutting edge techniques in developing US Northern Commands Red Team Program and developing a comprehensive security plan for a $4 billion natural gas project in war-torn Nigeria.  In support of DHS’ current trend to manage risk at a strategic level, Ed has project managed the development of a strategic risk management and trade resumption and resiliency plans for the Nation’s largest Port Areas. 

Mr. Clark possesses a BA in Criminal Justice and Masters Degree in Computer Information Systems, is an expert in information security and a graduate of the following ICS courses:  100, 200, 300, 400, 700 and 800.  Mr. Clark is a master trainer and has managed the business of training for both public and private entities.  He is currently sought by many Homeland Security think tanks to provide mentorship and deliver seminars on the latest Homeland Security topics.  He is also a graduate of the US Army Senior Leaders Course on Chemical Biological Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive Attacks and a member of ASIS International. Mr. Clark's most recent achievements include conducting security assessments for Henley Putnam University, University of Guadalajara and the Idea Independent Public School District as well as providing firearms instruction for several North Texas Independent School Districts.