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Captain David Baisden

Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office

Captain David Baisden has been in law enforcement since 1978 and has been employed by the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office since May 1986. He currently is assigned to the Administration Bureau. He was named the agency employee of the year in 1997, 2003 and again in 2010 and this years and the 15th annual recipient of the Duane Clark Memorial Award for Highway Safety from the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office and numerous commendations.

His current responsibilities include agency grants specialist, communications infrastructure, agency-wide technology and homeland security. He is responsible for the development and implementation of a Law Enforcement Mobile Data System that hosts over one hundred and sixty-two (162) agencies throughout the State of Oklahoma and approximately 3,357 fulltime officers trained users which represents approximately fifty - five percent of all fulltime law enforcement officers statewide. He is responsible for the identification of and successful implementation of a high definition megapixel camera system that currently saves the taxpayers of Oklahoma County approximately ten million dollars a year in personnel costs, cut ninety percent of the violence and is projected to save millions of dollars in frivolous tort claims.