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Harvey “PT” Perriott, PSP

Protective Security Advisor North Texas District

U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Harvey O. Perriott is the Protective Security Advisor (PSA) for the North Texas District and has served in that capacity for over seven years. Mr. Perriott supports homeland security efforts serving as an advisor and reach-back capacity for the state's Homeland Security Advisor, as well as private sector infrastructure owners and operators throughout 65 counties in north Texas. He contributes to the development of the national risk picture by assisting with the identification of critical infrastructure, assessment of vulnerabilities and recommendation of appropriate protective measures to improve security posture and site resiliency. Mr. Perriott facilitates, coordinates, and performs vulnerability assessments and infrastructure surveys for local critical infrastructure assets, and acts as a physical and technical security advisor to private sector partners. He also works closely with regional and/or local emergency managers to ensure all stakeholders are prepared to quickly restore critical infrastructure assets in the event of any disruption.

Prior to joining the PSA Program, Mr. Perriott served as the Staff Director for the Office of Infrastructure Protection's Protective Security Coordination Division (PCSD). In this capacity he facilitated the successful daily operations of a division consisting of 130 Federal and contract personnel. His areas of responsibility included budget management, acquisition/procurements, human capital, security, and administrative issues. Mr. Perriott's support to the Director enabled the division to carry out its primary mission of the identification, assessment, and protection of 18 sectors of critical infrastructure across the Nation.

Mr. Perriott brings extensive experience and training to the PSA Program in the fields of security, counterterrorism, and special operations. With over 25 years' experience in Department of Defense Special Operations, Mr. Perriott has been involved either directly or indirectly in a number of military operations directed at counterterrorism activities. During Operation ENDURING FREEDOM in Afghanistan, he was instrumental in the development of security plans for a U.S. military forward operating base located in the former Soviet Union, as well as two major forward operational support bases in Afghanistan. Mr. Perriott was recognized for his contributions with a Bronze Star medal.

Mr. Perriott has extensive experience in performing studies, analyses, and evaluations in a wide variety of areas, including surveying, mission capability, force strategy, force structure options, and tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP). He holds a Bachelors Degree in Human Resource Management and a Physical Security Professional certification with the ASIS; he has an in-depth knowledge of technical and physical security, threat and vulnerability assessments, analysis of requirements, and the development of operational plans.