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Tom McDonald

Chief Executive Officer

BeSafe Technologies, Inc.

Tom began his career in public education. From 1973 until 2006, he was a teacher, principal, and school superintendent. In 1998, Tom recognized that Site-based Managed Schools was an important new model for public school management and for improving student achievement. He proposed and won approval for a Horace Mann School with greater autonomy within the Barnstable, Massachusetts public school system. Today this school is a shining example of what schools can do when given the freedom to make their own decisions and manage their own finances. As a result of this success, Tom was appointed superintendent of the 6,000-student Barnstable, Massachusetts school system in 2004.

Tom has extensive experience as a consensus builder for agencies and programs that need organizational review and direction. In 2006, Tom was appointed CEO of BeSafe Technologies, Inc. Since then he has been instrumental in the development and growth of BeSafe.