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Track Descriptions

Counter and Anti-Terrorism

The terrorist threat to our nation’s physical and economic security is always with us. Preparing, preventing and responding to attacks is more critical than ever before given the increasing sophistication and creativity of those who wish to do us harm. Agencies and individuals at all levels of government as well as the private sector must remain knowledgeable, vigilant and prepared. These sessions will increase your awareness and understanding of these threats, and how to protect our nation.

Law Enforcement remains the first line of defense against threats to the homeland and the communities they serve. It is imperative that these 1st responders have the strategic and tactical knowledge to meet the challenge of the familiar and the unexpected. Front line to the highest levels of command, these sessions will enable attendees to fine tune their leadership skills and learn valuable lessons that can be implemented quickly and effectively.

Cyber & Physical Security

Cybercrime and cyber terrorism are a growing national security threat. Whether from foreign governments, organized crime or terrorist organizations, cyber-attacks are increasing in intensity. No single process will stop these attacks; new approaches and increased vigilance are required. These sessions will provide an understanding of the nature and source of these attacks and how to protect against them.

From physical threats to the cyber threats to control systems, threat to our nation’s critical infrastructure continues to rise. Government and the private sector must implement strategies and technologies that protect critical sectors of our economy in an advanced persistent threat environment. These sessions examine the increased exposure to attacks upon our critical infrastructure and how to best protect and secure these key resources.

The need for flexible, scalable and effective access control system that protects people, assets and facilities is of prime importance to security professionals. Physical access control, perimeter security and video surveillance are all components of an effective system. These sessions address the materials, equipment, systems and procedures and how to integrate them into a comprehensive physical security infrastructure.

Campus Security & Life Safety

Tragic incidents at schools and universities have elevated the need for school administrators, emergency managers, and security personnel to create and maintain a safer campus environment. Security experts and leaders from public and private institutions at all levels will educate attendees with strategies, best practices and case studies for effectively preparing, preventing and responding to threats to students, facility, administration and staff.