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These documents will help you increase your ROI at our events.  We strongly suggest you take a few minutes to review them.  You may also wish to share them with your colleagues.

10 Ways to use Social Media to Win Attention at Tradeshows - Here are some nuggets that you can start implementing today.

Booth Premiums and Give-Aways that Work - The strategic use of booth premiums and give-aways can be an excellent way to draw qualified visitors to your booth.

Communicating at Shows is Non-Verbal - More than half of what you and your staff communicate from your booth is non-verbal, conveyed through body language. It often determines whether a visitor will decide to enter your booth and interact with your staff.

Dealing with Unqualified Visitors - Not everyone you engage will be a valid prospect for your company. It is therefore essential that you identify and qualify the visitor to determine how your staff should proceed.

Improving ROI through Pre-Show Promotion - Pre-show promotions can increase booth traffic by 33% to 50%.

Overcoming 5 Common Obstacles to Trade Show Lead Follow Up - Some real obstacles that can slow you down and get in the way:

Gifts, Give-Aways, Contests & Drawings for Federal Employees – These are a great way to attract federal employees to your booth.  There are, however, strict limitations on what a federal employee can accept.

Pre-Arranged Appointments and Personal Invitations Increases ROI - Statistics say it is five times more expensive to acquire a new client than it is to keep a current client.  pre-arrange as many meetings, demonstrations and booth tours as possible with existing customers and pre-qualified prospects.

Rules for Booth Etiquette - You are the most important element in your display, and there is no second chance for first impression.

Marketing with Show Logos

Let your customers and prospects know you're exhibiting with a show logo. Post the logo on your web site and in your pre-show promotion. It is very effective when added to your sales team's email signatures. Just select the appropriate event, download the size you need, and use the logo to help bring in the buyers you want to see. Best of all, it's free. There is no charge to use these images as often as you want. Questions? Contact Don Berey, Event Director at 703-876-5073 or


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To download the image: Right click on the size you need and select 'save link as'

Download the appropriate event logo and size you need.