How Do I Find Court Records in Mississippi

Title: How Do I Find Court Records in Mississippi?


Court records are essential documents that provide a detailed account of legal proceedings, including lawsuits, criminal cases, and other judicial matters. Accessing court records can be crucial for various reasons, such as conducting background checks, verifying legal matters, or obtaining information for research purposes. In Mississippi, the process of finding court records can be relatively straightforward if you know where and how to search. This article aims to guide individuals seeking court records in Mississippi and provide answers to frequently asked questions regarding the process.

How to Find Court Records in Mississippi

1. Online Resources: The Mississippi Electronic Courts (MEC) system is a valuable online resource that allows individuals to search for court records. Accessible through the Mississippi Judiciary’s website, the MEC provides access to a wide range of court records, including case dockets, pleadings, and judgments. The system covers both state and county-level courts.

2. County Clerk’s Office: For individuals unable to access court records online, visiting the County Clerk’s Office in the relevant county is an alternative option. County Clerk’s Offices maintain physical copies of court records and allow public access to them. However, it is advisable to contact the office beforehand to ensure they have the desired records and schedule an appointment if necessary.

3. Circuit Clerk’s Office: In Mississippi, Circuit Courts handle civil and criminal cases. The Circuit Clerk’s Office maintains records of these cases, including documents such as complaints, motions, and judgments. Similar to the County Clerk’s Office, visiting the relevant Circuit Clerk’s Office in person can grant access to court records.

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4. Public Libraries: Some public libraries in Mississippi may have copies of court records available for public viewing. These records may include historical court cases or legal documents. Contact your local library to inquire about their collection and availability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Are court records in Mississippi open to the public?
Yes, court records in Mississippi are generally open to the public unless they are sealed or confidential due to specific legal requirements.

2. Are all court records available online?
While the Mississippi Electronic Courts system provides online access to a significant number of court records, not all records may be available electronically. In such cases, it may be necessary to visit the relevant office in person.

3. Is there a fee associated with accessing court records?
In some cases, there may be fees associated with obtaining court records, especially for copies of documents. Contact the relevant office or visit their website for information on any applicable fees.

4. How far back do court records go in Mississippi?
The availability of historical court records can vary depending on the county and the type of record. Some counties may have records dating back several decades, while others may have limited availability.

5. Can court records be accessed for research purposes?
Yes, court records can be accessed for research purposes, including academic research, genealogy, or historical documentation. Ensure you have the necessary information to identify the specific records you require.

6. Can court records be accessed anonymously?
No, court records cannot be accessed anonymously. Individuals seeking court records must provide their identity and reason for accessing the records.

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7. Can court records be accessed for a background check?
Yes, court records can be used for conducting background checks, especially when verifying someone’s criminal history or legal disputes.

8. Can court records be accessed for personal legal matters?
Yes, individuals involved in legal matters can access court records related to their case. This can aid in understanding the progress, details, and outcomes of their own legal proceedings.


Accessing court records in Mississippi can be a straightforward process with the right resources and information. The Mississippi Electronic Courts system, county and circuit clerk’s offices, and public libraries are valuable resources for finding court records. By understanding the process and following the guidelines, individuals can obtain the necessary court records for various purposes, ranging from research to background checks or personal legal matters.

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