How Long Has Judge Mathis Been Married

Title: How Long Has Judge Mathis Been Married? Unveiling the Love Story Behind the Gavel


Judge Greg Mathis, renowned for his charismatic personality and sharp legal acumen, has captivated audiences for decades. From his successful courtroom television show to his tireless activism, Mathis has become a household name. While his professional life is well-documented, many fans are curious about the man behind the gavel and his personal life, particularly his marital journey. In this article, we shed light on the enduring love story of Judge Greg Mathis, revealing how long he has been married and sharing some fascinating details about his journey with his wife.

How Long Has Judge Mathis Been Married?

Judge Greg Mathis has been married to his wife, Linda Reese Mathis, for over 35 years. Their enduring bond and unwavering commitment serve as an inspiration to many, reflecting the strength of their love and partnership.

The Love Story:

Judge Mathis and Linda Reese Mathis’s love story began during their high school years in Detroit, Michigan. The couple met and fell in love, navigating the ups and downs of adolescence together. Their relationship endured throughout college and continued to flourish as they entered adulthood.

After dating for several years, Judge Mathis and Linda Reese Mathis decided to tie the knot in 1985. Their wedding ceremony celebrated their deep connection and marked the beginning of a lifelong journey together.

Throughout their marriage, the couple has faced various challenges and overcome them with unwavering support for one another. Judge Mathis has often spoken about the importance of Linda’s unwavering love, stating that she has been his rock during difficult times.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How did Judge Mathis and Linda Reese Mathis meet?
Judge Mathis and Linda Reese Mathis met in high school in Detroit, Michigan.

2. When did Judge Mathis get married?
Judge Mathis and Linda Reese Mathis got married in 1985.

3. How long have Judge Mathis and Linda Reese Mathis been married?
They have been married for over 35 years.

4. Do Judge Mathis and his wife have children?
Yes, they have four children together.

5. What is the secret to their long-lasting marriage?
The couple attributes their enduring marriage to mutual respect, trust, and unwavering support.

6. Have they ever faced any challenges in their marriage?
Like any long-term relationship, Judge Mathis and Linda Reese Mathis have faced challenges, but their commitment and love have helped them overcome any obstacles.

7. Does Linda Reese Mathis have a career of her own?
Linda Reese Mathis has been actively involved in philanthropy and community work.

8. How do they balance their personal and professional lives?
Judge Mathis and Linda Reese Mathis prioritize open communication, shared values, and quality time together to maintain a healthy balance between their personal and professional lives.

9. Do they appear together on Judge Mathis’s television show?
Linda Reese Mathis occasionally appears on the show to support her husband during special episodes.

10. Are Judge Mathis and Linda Reese Mathis involved in any charitable activities together?
Yes, the couple is actively involved in various charitable endeavors, particularly in their hometown of Detroit.

11. What advice do they have for couples looking to build a strong and lasting marriage?
Judge Mathis and Linda Reese Mathis emphasize the importance of communication, trust, and supporting each other’s dreams and aspirations.

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12. Do they have any plans for their future together?
Judge Mathis and Linda Reese Mathis plan to continue their philanthropic efforts and enjoy their time together as they enter the next chapter of their lives.


Judge Greg Mathis and Linda Reese Mathis’s enduring love story is a testament to the power of commitment, trust, and unwavering support. Their marriage of over 35 years stands as an inspiration to couples worldwide, highlighting the importance of resilience and love in building a lasting partnership. As Judge Mathis continues to preside over the courtroom and make a difference in the lives of many, he can always count on the unwavering support of his loving wife, Linda Reese Mathis, by his side.

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