How Many 5 Star Generals Are There in the Army

Title: How Many 5-Star Generals Are There in the Army?


The United States Army boasts a long and storied history, characterized by the dedication, bravery, and leadership of its officers. Throughout its existence, the Army has produced exceptional military leaders, some of whom have achieved the prestigious rank of 5-star general. These individuals have made a significant impact on the nation’s defense and have become legends in their own right. In this article, we will explore the rich history of 5-star generals in the Army and answer some frequently asked questions about these esteemed military leaders.

History of 5-Star Generals in the Army:

The rank of 5-star general is the highest military rank in the United States Army. It is an honorary position bestowed upon exceptional military leaders during times of war or national emergency. This rank was created during World War II to recognize the exceptional leadership and strategic prowess displayed by a select few officers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. How many 5-star generals have there been in the United States Army?
Since the establishment of the rank, there have been five 5-star generals in the Army.

2. Who was the first 5-star general in the Army?
The first 5-star general in the Army was General George C. Marshall, appointed on December 16, 1944.

3. Who was the most famous 5-star general in the Army?
General Dwight D. Eisenhower is arguably the most famous 5-star general due to his leadership during World War II and his subsequent presidency.

4. Are there any living 5-star generals?
No, there are no living 5-star generals as the rank was last held in 1981.

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5. Can a 5-star general be demoted?
No, once an officer is awarded the rank of 5-star general, it is an honorary and permanent rank.

6. Can a 5-star general be promoted posthumously?
No, promotions are only given to living officers, so a 5-star general cannot be promoted posthumously.

7. How is the rank of 5-star general awarded?
The rank of 5-star general is typically awarded by an act of Congress or through executive order by the President of the United States.

8. What are the duties of a 5-star general?
The duties of a 5-star general include advising the President and high-ranking military officials, strategic planning, and overseeing major military operations.

9. How long does a 5-star general serve in their position?
There is no set term for a 5-star general. They serve until retirement or until their services are no longer required.

10. Can a 5-star general be removed from their position?
The rank of 5-star general is honorary and cannot be revoked. However, if an officer’s behavior becomes dishonorable, they may face other consequences.

11. Are there any 5-star generals from the Air Force or Navy?
No, the rank of 5-star general is exclusive to the United States Army.

12. Can a 5-star general be awarded posthumously?
Yes, the rank of 5-star general can be awarded posthumously to recognize exceptional leadership during their lifetime.


The title of 5-star general is a distinction reserved for exceptional military leaders who have made significant contributions to the United States Army. These individuals have demonstrated unparalleled leadership, strategic thinking, and dedication to their country. Only a select few have achieved this esteemed rank, and their impact on American military history is undeniable. While the number of living 5-star generals may be zero at present, their legacy lives on, serving as inspiration for future generations of military leaders.

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