How to Join Federal Navy Elite Dangerous

Title: How to Join the Federal Navy in Elite Dangerous: A Comprehensive Guide

Elite Dangerous offers players a vast and immersive space simulation experience, allowing them to explore the galaxy, engage in thrilling combat encounters, and even join various factions. One such prestigious faction is the Federal Navy, renowned for its military prowess and commitment to protecting the interests of the Federation. In this article, we will guide you through the process of joining the Federal Navy, and also answer some frequently asked questions to help you embark on this exciting journey.

How to Join the Federal Navy:
1. Obtain a Federal Navy rank: The first step towards joining the Federal Navy is to increase your reputation with the Federation. Complete missions for Federal factions, participate in community goals, and engage in combat with non-Federation factions to earn reputation points. As your reputation increases, you will gradually unlock higher ranks within the Federal Navy.

2. Progress through the ranks: Begin by visiting any station controlled by the Federation and access the mission board. Look for missions that specifically mention the Federal Navy and undertake them to gain Navy rank progression. Completing these missions will earn you rank points, leading to promotions within the Federal Navy.

3. Navy missions and activities: As you progress through the ranks, you will gain access to exclusive Navy missions and activities. These missions often involve combat scenarios, intelligence gathering, or escort duties. Successfully completing these missions will not only boost your reputation but also provide valuable experience and rewards.

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4. Increase your combat capabilities: The Federal Navy values combat prowess. To increase your chances of being accepted into their ranks, focus on upgrading your ship’s weapons, defenses, and modules. Combat-focused ships such as the Federal Assault Ship or Federal Corvette are highly recommended for aspiring Federal Navy pilots.

5. Maintain a clean record: The Federation has strict rules and regulations. Avoid engaging in unlawful activities, such as piracy or smuggling, as they can negatively impact your reputation with the Federation. A clean record will ensure a smoother path towards joining the Federal Navy.


Q1. Can I join the Federal Navy without any combat experience?
A1. While combat experience is not mandatory, having a combat-oriented ship and some combat proficiency will significantly increase your chances of being accepted into the Federal Navy.

Q2. Are there any specific ship requirements to join the Federal Navy?
A2. While there are no specific ship requirements, combat-focused ships like the Federal Assault Ship and Federal Corvette are highly recommended due to their offensive capabilities.

Q3. Can I join the Federal Navy if I am aligned with another faction?
A3. Yes, you can align yourself with multiple factions simultaneously. However, focusing on Federal-aligned missions will expedite your rank progression.

Q4. How long does it take to reach the highest rank in the Federal Navy?
A4. The time required to reach the highest rank varies, as it depends on various factors such as mission availability, your playtime, and your reputation gains. On average, it may take several weeks of dedicated gameplay.

Q5. Can I switch ranks within the Federal Navy?
A5. No, once you achieve a higher rank, you cannot demote yourself to a lower rank. However, you can continue to improve your reputation within the Federal Navy to unlock additional benefits.

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Q6. Can I join the Federal Navy without pledging allegiance to any Powerplay faction?
A6. Yes, joining the Federal Navy is independent of Powerplay factions. However, supporting a Powerplay faction aligned with the Federation can have additional benefits.

Q7. Are there any benefits to joining the Federal Navy?
A7. Yes, joining the Federal Navy grants access to exclusive missions, ships, and modules. It also increases your reputation with the Federation, which can lead to various perks and privileges.

Q8. Can I join the Federal Navy with a low reputation with the Federation?
A8. While it is technically possible, having a higher reputation greatly increases your chances of being accepted into the Federal Navy.

Q9. Can I join the Federal Navy if I am not a combat-focused player?
A9. While combat proficiency is favored, the Federal Navy also values other skills. Engaging in missions that align with the Federation’s goals, such as exploration or trading missions, can also contribute to your rank progression.

Q10. Can I join the Federal Navy in a Wing?
A10. Yes, you can join the Federal Navy as part of a Wing. Coordinate with your Wingmates to undertake missions together, while benefiting from collective progress.

Q11. Can I join the Federal Navy if I am not aligned with the Federation?
A11. No, joining the Federal Navy requires aligning yourself with the Federation and earning reputation points with its affiliated factions.

Q12. Are there any prerequisites to joining the Federal Navy?
A12. The only prerequisite is to have a ship capable of undertaking missions and engaging in combat encounters. Beyond that, dedication, patience, and a commitment to the Federation are all you need.

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Joining the Federal Navy in Elite Dangerous can be a challenging yet rewarding experience. By following the steps outlined in this guide and dedicating yourself to the cause of the Federation, you can rise through the ranks, unlock exclusive missions, and enjoy the privileges that come with being part of the Federal Navy. So, set your sights high, pilot, and embark on an adventure that will test your skills and honor in the vastness of the galaxy.

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