How to Wear Army Ribbons

How to Wear Army Ribbons: A Comprehensive Guide

Army ribbons are a symbol of honor and recognition for the brave men and women who serve in the military. These ribbons, also known as awards or decorations, are earned through various achievements and acts of valor. Wearing these ribbons correctly is essential, as it demonstrates respect for the accomplishments of the wearer and the significance of the awards. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide on how to wear army ribbons properly, ensuring that you can proudly display your achievements.

Understanding Army Ribbons:
Before delving into the specifics of wearing army ribbons, it is crucial to understand the basics of these prestigious awards. Army ribbons come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, each representing a unique accomplishment or recognition. These awards can be earned for acts of bravery, meritorious service, campaign participation, or successful completion of specialized training.

Placement of Army Ribbons:
Wearing army ribbons follows a specific order and placement. The ribbons are typically worn on the left side of the uniform, aligned and centered above the left breast pocket. The ribbons should be arranged in rows, with each row slightly overlapping the one below it. The top row should consist of the highest-ranking ribbons, progressing downwards in order of decreasing significance.

Proper Spacing and Alignment:
To create a neat and uniform appearance, it is crucial to ensure proper spacing and alignment of the ribbons. The ribbons should be aligned horizontally, with the bottom edge of each ribbon in a straight line. The spacing between each ribbon should be equal, allowing for clean lines and a professional presentation.

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Wearing Appropriate Devices:
Certain army ribbons may have accompanying devices or attachments to denote additional achievements or awards. These devices can include stars, oak leaf clusters, or numerals, among others. These devices are worn on the ribbon itself, either centered or to the wearer’s right. It is important to follow the regulations and guidelines provided by the Army to correctly display the appropriate devices.

Maintaining Clean and Neat Ribbons:
To ensure that your army ribbons are well-maintained and presentable, proper care is essential. Regularly inspect the ribbons for any signs of damage, such as fraying or fading. If necessary, replace the ribbons with new ones to maintain a tidy appearance. Additionally, keep the ribbons clean and free from dust or stains by gently wiping them with a soft cloth or using a mild detergent if necessary.

12 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Wearing Army Ribbons:

1. Can I wear my army ribbons on civilian clothing?
No, army ribbons are intended to be worn only on official military uniforms.

2. What is the proper order of army ribbons?
The proper order of army ribbons can be found in Army Regulation 670-1, which provides detailed guidelines for the placement of each ribbon.

3. Can I wear my ribbons in a different order than the prescribed one?
No, it is important to wear the ribbons in the correct order as outlined in the regulations.

4. Can I wear miniature versions of my ribbons?
Yes, miniature versions of the ribbons can be worn on formal or dress uniforms.

5. Can I wear my ribbons if I am no longer in the military?
Yes, veterans are entitled to wear their ribbons on appropriate occasions, such as military funerals or Veterans Day events.

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6. Can I wear someone else’s ribbons?
No, wearing someone else’s ribbons is considered disrespectful and dishonest.

7. Can I wear ribbons from other branches of the military?
Yes, if you have earned ribbons from other branches of the military, you can wear them in accordance with the guidelines provided by your current branch.

8. Can I wear foreign military ribbons?
Foreign military ribbons may be worn on the uniform with the approval of the individual’s branch of service.

9. Can I wear ribbons from previous deployments or campaigns?
Yes, ribbons earned from previous deployments or campaigns can be worn according to the guidelines provided by the Army.

10. Can I wear my ribbons on civilian formal attire?
Although it is not customary, wearing ribbons on civilian formal attire is a personal choice.

11. Can I wear my ribbons at a civilian job interview?
Wearing ribbons to a civilian job interview is generally not recommended unless the interview is for a position directly related to military service.

12. Can I wear my ribbons on a military ball gown?
No, ribbons are not typically worn on civilian attire, including military ball gowns.

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