What Happened to Judge Jeanine Pirro’s Wrist

Title: What Happened to Judge Jeanine Pirro’s Wrist?


Judge Jeanine Pirro, host of the popular Fox News show “Justice with Judge Jeanine,” has been in the spotlight recently due to an injury she sustained to her wrist. Fans and viewers have been curious to know the details surrounding her injury and the impact it may have on her show. In this article, we will delve into what happened to Judge Jeanine Pirro’s wrist and provide answers to some frequently asked questions regarding her condition.

What Happened?

On November 23, 2021, Judge Jeanine Pirro fell outside her home and fractured her wrist. The incident occurred during the evening, as she was exiting her car. The exact details of the fall remain undisclosed, but it resulted in an injury requiring medical attention. Subsequently, Pirro underwent surgery to repair the fractured wrist.

The Injury’s Impact:

Judge Jeanine Pirro’s injury has resulted in some changes to her show, “Justice with Judge Jeanine.” While she has been temporarily absent from the program, Fox News has aired reruns and guest hosts have filled in during her recovery period. Despite her absence, Pirro has expressed her gratitude towards her fans and viewers for their support and well-wishes throughout this challenging time.

12 FAQs about Judge Jeanine Pirro’s Wrist Injury:

1. How long will Judge Jeanine Pirro be out of the show?
The duration of her absence has not been officially announced. However, it is expected that she will return to host her show once she has made a full recovery.

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2. Who is filling in for Judge Jeanine Pirro during her absence?
Various guest hosts have been filling in for Pirro on “Justice with Judge Jeanine.”

3. Did Judge Jeanine Pirro require surgery for her wrist?
Yes, Pirro underwent surgery to repair her fractured wrist.

4. Will Judge Jeanine Pirro’s injury impact her show’s future?
It is unlikely that her injury will have a long-term impact on the show. Pirro is expected to return to hosting once she has fully recovered.

5. How is Judge Jeanine Pirro handling her recovery?
Pirro has been actively engaging with her fans on social media and expressing gratitude for their support during her recovery.

6. When did Judge Jeanine Pirro’s injury occur?
The injury occurred on November 23, 2021.

7. Is Judge Jeanine Pirro expected to make a full recovery?
Yes, with proper medical care and rehabilitation, Pirro is expected to make a full recovery.

8. Has Judge Jeanine Pirro shared any updates on her progress?
Pirro has occasionally shared updates on her recovery on her social media platforms.

9. Has Judge Jeanine Pirro commented on the incident?
Pirro has not provided specific details about the incident leading to her injury but has expressed her gratitude for the support received.

10. Will Judge Jeanine Pirro’s injury impact her show’s ratings?
While her absence may have a temporary impact, her loyal fan base is expected to continue supporting her upon her return.

11. Is Judge Jeanine Pirro expected to return to her show soon?
Although the exact return date has not been announced, it is anticipated that Pirro will return to hosting her show after her recovery.

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12. How can fans send their well-wishes to Judge Jeanine Pirro?
Fans can show their support by leaving messages on her social media accounts or via Fox News’ official channels.


Judge Jeanine Pirro’s recent wrist injury has led to her temporary absence from her show, “Justice with Judge Jeanine.” While the details of her fall remain undisclosed, Pirro underwent surgery to repair her fractured wrist. Fans and viewers eagerly await her return and have been expressing their support during her recovery. Judge Jeanine Pirro’s dedication to her show and her determination to make a full recovery are admirable qualities that further reinforce her status as a beloved figure in the world of broadcast journalism.

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