What Happened to the First Male Judge on Hot Bench

Title: The Mysterious Disappearance of the First Male Judge on Hot Bench


Hot Bench, the popular courtroom television show known for its unique three-judge panel, took the world by storm when it first aired in 2014. With Judge Judy Sheindlin as its executive producer, the show quickly gained a massive following. However, one of the original judges, Judge Larry Bakman, mysteriously vanished from the show after just one season. This article delves into the story behind the abrupt departure of the first male judge on Hot Bench, exploring the rumors, theories, and unanswered questions that surround his disappearance.

What Happened to Judge Larry Bakman?

The sudden exit of Judge Larry Bakman from Hot Bench has left many fans wondering what transpired behind the scenes. Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer as to why he left, but several theories and rumors have circulated.

1. Was Judge Bakman fired from Hot Bench?
There is no concrete evidence to suggest that Judge Bakman was fired from the show. The official announcement claimed that he left to “pursue other interests.”

2. Did Judge Bakman leave due to creative differences?
It is possible that creative differences played a role in Judge Bakman’s departure. Hot Bench has a unique format, and perhaps Judge Bakman’s vision did not align with the show’s direction.

3. Did personal reasons lead to Judge Bakman’s exit?
While there is no official confirmation, it is plausible that personal reasons influenced Judge Bakman’s decision to leave. Personal matters outside the show may have required his full attention.

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4. Did Judge Bakman receive negative feedback from viewers?
There is no concrete evidence to suggest that negative viewer feedback was the reason for Judge Bakman’s exit. Public opinion on his performance was generally positive.

5. Was Judge Bakman replaced by another male judge?
Following Judge Bakman’s departure, Hot Bench continued with a rotating panel of female judges, forgoing a permanent male replacement. This decision was likely made to maintain the show’s unique dynamic.

6. Was Judge Bakman involved in any controversies?
No significant controversies involving Judge Bakman have been reported. His exit appears to be unrelated to any scandal or misconduct.

7. Is Judge Bakman still working in the legal field?
After leaving Hot Bench, Judge Bakman returned to his private law practice in Los Angeles. He continues to handle various cases as an attorney.

8. Did Judge Bakman pursue other television opportunities?
While it is unclear if Judge Bakman pursued other television opportunities, he has not made any notable appearances on television since leaving Hot Bench.

9. Was Judge Bakman’s departure related to low ratings?
Hot Bench has consistently maintained high ratings throughout its run. It is unlikely that low ratings were a factor in Judge Bakman’s exit.

10. Could Judge Bakman make a comeback on Hot Bench?
Although it is not impossible, the chances of Judge Bakman returning to Hot Bench seem slim. The show has continued to thrive without him and has found success with its female-judge panel.

11. Did Judge Bakman comment on his departure?
Judge Bakman has remained relatively silent regarding his departure. He chose not to publicly address the reasons behind his exit.

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12. Will the mystery ever be solved?
While it is uncertain whether the true reason behind Judge Bakman’s exit will ever be revealed, the mystery surrounding his departure continues to intrigue fans of Hot Bench.


The departure of Judge Larry Bakman, the first male judge on Hot Bench, remains an unsolved mystery. Despite numerous theories and rumors, the true reason for his exit is yet to be revealed. As Hot Bench continues to captivate audiences with its rotating panel of female judges, the legacy of Judge Bakman’s brief tenure on the show persists as an enigma that adds to the intrigue and fascination of this popular courtroom television series.

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