What Happened to the Pt-73 From McHale’s Navy

Title: What Happened to the PT-73 From McHale’s Navy: Unveiling the Mystery Behind the Iconic Vessel


McHale’s Navy, the popular American sitcom that aired from 1962 to 1966, introduced viewers to the zany crew of the PT-73. Led by Lieutenant Commander Quinton McHale, the crew’s misadventures aboard the PT-73 provided countless laughs for audiences. However, as the show concluded, the fate of the beloved PT-73 became a mystery for fans. In this article, we delve into the history of the PT-73 and uncover what happened to the famous vessel.

The PT-73: A Beloved Icon:

The PT-73, also known as PT-73-1, was a fictional patrol torpedo boat featured in McHale’s Navy. The show followed the hilarious misadventures of Lieutenant Commander Quinton McHale (played by Ernest Borgnine) and his eclectic crew, who used their PT-73 to defend the fictional island of Taratupa during World War II.

The PT-73 became an iconic symbol of the show, with its distinctive number emblazoned on the hull and the crew’s humorous escapades becoming synonymous with the vessel. Fans grew attached to the PT-73, making it an integral part of the show’s legacy.

The Fate of the PT-73:

Once McHale’s Navy concluded its run, the fate of the PT-73 became a subject of speculation among fans. Many wondered whether the vessel had been preserved, sold, or scrapped. To uncover the truth, we embarked on a journey to trace the PT-73’s post-show history.

1. Was the PT-73 a real boat?
No, the PT-73 was a fictional vessel created specifically for McHale’s Navy.

2. What type of boat was the PT-73?
The PT-73 was depicted as a 78-foot Higgins-class patrol torpedo boat (PT boat) during the show.

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3. Was the PT-73 preserved after the show’s conclusion?
No, the PT-73 was not preserved after the show ended. It was dismantled and scrapped.

4. Were there multiple PT-73s used during the show?
Yes, multiple PT-73 models were used during the filming of McHale’s Navy. The production team utilized a combination of full-scale replicas and smaller scale models for various scenes.

5. Where were the PT-73s built?
The PT-73 models used in the show were constructed by the renowned Hollywood prop company, Ellis Props.

6. Were any PT-73s used in other films or TV shows?
Yes, some of the PT-73 models were repurposed and used in subsequent productions, including other war-themed movies and TV shows.

7. Are there any surviving PT-73 models?
No, there are no known surviving original PT-73 models from McHale’s Navy. They were not saved or preserved.

8. Was there any effort to save the PT-73 after the show?
No official efforts were made to save or preserve the PT-73 after the show’s conclusion.

9. Were any replicas of the PT-73 created after the show?
No official replicas of the PT-73 were created after the show ended.

10. Is there a museum or display dedicated to the PT-73?
Unfortunately, there is no dedicated museum or display specifically for the PT-73 from McHale’s Navy.

11. Are there any plans to recreate the PT-73?
As of now, there are no known plans to recreate the PT-73 for display or any other purposes.

12. Can fans still see the PT-73 in any form?
While the original PT-73 is no longer in existence, fans can still enjoy watching the show, which continues to be syndicated on various television networks and streaming platforms.

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The PT-73 from McHale’s Navy holds a special place in the hearts of fans who fondly remember the adventures of Lieutenant Commander Quinton McHale and his crew. Although the original PT-73 may no longer exist, its legacy lives on through the timeless humor and unforgettable moments captured in the show. While we may never encounter the famous vessel again, the memories it created will forever remind us of the laughter it brought into our lives.

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