What Happens if You Don’t Go to Traffic Court

Title: What Happens if You Don’t Go to Traffic Court?

Traffic court is a legal process that resolves violations related to traffic laws and regulations. It is essential to attend traffic court if you receive a citation or a notice to appear. However, many people may wonder what happens if they choose not to attend their scheduled court date. In this article, we will explore the potential consequences of not going to traffic court and address some frequently asked questions regarding this issue.

Consequences of Not Attending Traffic Court:
1. Bench Warrant: One of the most severe consequences of skipping traffic court is the issuance of a bench warrant. A bench warrant allows law enforcement to arrest you on sight, typically resulting in an inconvenient and embarrassing encounter with the police.
2. Suspension of Driving Privileges: Failing to appear in traffic court can lead to the suspension or revocation of your driver’s license. This can cause significant inconvenience, especially if driving is essential for your daily routine.
3. Increased Fines and Penalties: By not attending traffic court, you forfeit your opportunity to contest the violation and present your case. Consequently, the court may impose increased fines, additional penalties, or even a jail sentence.
4. Added Court Fees: Skipping traffic court might result in additional court fees and costs being added to your case. These fees can quickly accumulate and become a significant financial burden.
5. Arrest and Jail Time: In extreme cases, repeated failure to appear in traffic court may lead to an arrest warrant, potential jail time, and a permanent criminal record.

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Frequently Asked Questions:
1. Can I reschedule my traffic court date?
Yes, in most cases, you can reschedule your court date by contacting the court clerk before the scheduled appearance. However, this may not be possible for certain violations or jurisdictions.

2. What happens if I missed my court date due to an emergency?
It is crucial to immediately contact the court to explain the situation and provide documentation supporting your emergency. They may reschedule your court date accordingly.

3. Will my failure to appear affect my insurance rates?
While not attending traffic court itself does not directly affect your insurance rates, the violation associated with your case might impact your rates if it results in points on your driving record.

4. Can I still contest the ticket if I missed my court date?
Generally, failing to appear in traffic court forfeits your right to contest the ticket. However, you can consult an attorney to explore potential options for reopening the case.

5. How can I check if I have an outstanding traffic court case?
You can typically check the status of your traffic court case by contacting the court clerk or searching online using your citation number or personal information.

6. Can I pay my fine without going to court?
In some cases, you may have the option to pay your fine without appearing in court. This is typically applicable for minor violations. However, it is advisable to consult the court clerk for specific instructions.

7. Can I be arrested if I missed traffic court in another state?
While it is unlikely that you will be arrested for a traffic offense in a different state, it is crucial to resolve the matter promptly to avoid potential complications when traveling or renewing your license.

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8. Is it possible to have a warrant lifted after missing traffic court?
Yes, you can have a warrant lifted by contacting the court and scheduling a new court date. However, it is essential to be proactive in resolving the issue to avoid any unnecessary legal consequences.

Skipping traffic court can have severe ramifications, including bench warrants, fines, license suspension, and even potential jail time. It is crucial to attend your scheduled court date or take appropriate steps to reschedule if necessary. If you have missed your court appearance, it is advisable to consult an attorney or contact the court promptly to address the situation and minimize the potential consequences. Remember, resolving your traffic court case is essential to maintain a clean driving record and ensure your driving privileges remain intact.

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