What Order Do Army Ribbons Go In

What Order Do Army Ribbons Go In?

In the United States Army, ribbons are a significant part of a soldier’s uniform. These ribbons represent the various awards and honors earned throughout an individual’s military career. They serve as a visual reminder of the soldier’s achievements, commendations, and dedication to duty. The order in which these ribbons are worn is crucial, as it reflects the level of recognition and importance of each award. In this article, we will discuss the proper order of Army ribbons and answer some frequently asked questions related to this topic.

The order of Army ribbons is determined by the precedence of awards, which is established by the Department of Defense. Precedence is based on the relative importance and significance of each award. The highest precedence is assigned to the highest level of recognition, usually combat-related awards or those awarded for extraordinary acts of heroism. Lower precedence is given to awards for meritorious service, achievement, and service.

The general rule of thumb is to place ribbons in order from highest to lowest precedence, from left to right, and in rows from top to bottom. The top row should contain the highest precedence awards, while subsequent rows will follow in descending order. However, there are exceptions to this rule for certain specialty badges and awards. It is important to consult the Army regulations or seek guidance from a superior to ensure the correct order is followed.

Now, let’s address some frequently asked questions about the order of Army ribbons:

1. What is the highest precedence award in the Army?
The highest precedence award in the Army is the Medal of Honor, followed by the Distinguished Service Cross, and the Silver Star.

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2. Are foreign awards included in the order of ribbons?
Yes, foreign awards can be included in the order of ribbons, but they have a lower precedence than U.S. military awards.

3. How do I determine the precedence of multiple awards from the same category?
When multiple awards are earned from the same category, such as campaign or service medals, the order of precedence is usually determined by the date of the award. The most recent award should be placed in the highest position.

4. What if I have more ribbons than can fit on one row?
If you have more ribbons than can fit on one row, start a new row directly below the previous row. Remember to maintain the proper order of precedence from top to bottom.

5. Can I wear miniature ribbons instead of regular-sized ribbons?
Miniature ribbons may be worn on certain uniforms and formal occasions, but they should follow the same order of precedence as regular-sized ribbons.

6. How should ribbons be aligned on the uniform?
Ribbons should be aligned horizontally and centered on the left side of the uniform, with the bottom row parallel to the bottom of the nameplate.

7. What if I have a ribbon that is not authorized for wear yet?
If you have a ribbon that is not authorized for wear yet, it should not be displayed on the uniform until it becomes authorized.

8. Can ribbons be worn on civilian clothing?
Ribbons should only be worn on military uniforms, as they are a symbol of military service and achievements. Wearing them on civilian clothing is generally not appropriate.

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Properly arranging and wearing Army ribbons is an important aspect of military professionalism and pride. It demonstrates a soldier’s dedication, accomplishments, and commitment to service. Understanding the order of precedence and following the regulations ensures that these ribbons are displayed with the respect they deserve. If you have any further questions or concerns, it is always best to consult your unit’s regulations or seek guidance from a superior.

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