When Does the Army Promotion List Come Out

Title: When Does the Army Promotion List Come Out?


In the United States Army, promotion is a crucial aspect of career progression. Soldiers work tirelessly to meet the requirements and demonstrate their capabilities to advance to the next rank. To ensure fairness and transparency, the Army follows a structured promotion system. One common question that arises among soldiers is when the Army promotion list comes out. In this article, we will delve into this topic, shed light on the process, and answer some frequently asked questions to provide clarity.

When Does the Army Promotion List Come Out?

The Army promotion list, also known as the promotion selection list, is typically released once a month. The exact date can vary, as it depends on several factors, including the needs of the Army, the size of the promotion list, and the processing time required by the promotion board. It is important to note that promotion timelines may differ for different ranks.

FAQs about Army Promotion:

1. How are soldiers selected for promotion?
Soldiers are selected for promotion based on a combination of factors, including time in service, time in grade, performance, education, and participation in professional development courses.

2. How often are promotion boards held?
Promotion boards are held at regular intervals throughout the year. The frequency depends on the rank and the needs of the Army.

3. Can soldiers request an early promotion?
Soldiers cannot request an early promotion. Promotion eligibility is determined by meeting specific criteria, and it follows a structured timeline.

4. Can soldiers be promoted without going through a promotion board?
Yes, in some cases. Soldiers may be promoted without a promotion board through the Battlefield Promotion Program, which recognizes exceptional acts of valor or heroism.

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5. How long does it take to get promoted?
The time to get promoted varies based on multiple factors, such as the rank and the number of vacancies available for promotion. Generally, it can take several months to a few years.

6. Can soldiers be promoted posthumously?
Yes, soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice while serving in the Army can be promoted posthumously in recognition of their service and sacrifice.

7. Are there any exceptions to the promotion process?
In some cases, soldiers may receive a temporary promotion if they are serving in a higher-level position due to exigent operational requirements. However, this promotion is not permanent and is subject to specific conditions.

8. How can soldiers track their promotion status?
Soldiers can track their promotion status through the Army Promotion Point System (PPS). This system provides a comprehensive overview of their eligibility and promotion points earned.


The Army promotion list is a significant milestone for soldiers, representing recognition of their hard work, dedication, and achievements. While the exact date of the promotion list release may vary, soldiers can stay informed by regularly checking with their unit’s administrative personnel or the Human Resources Command. By understanding the promotion process and meeting the necessary criteria, soldiers can position themselves for career advancement and contribute further to the mission of the United States Army.

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