Why Are NFL Coaches Wearing Army Green

Title: Why Are NFL Coaches Wearing Army Green?

In recent NFL games, you may have noticed something different about the coaches on the sidelines. Instead of their usual attire, many NFL coaches have been seen sporting army green gear. This change in wardrobe has piqued the curiosity of fans and spectators alike, prompting the question: Why are NFL coaches wearing army green? In this article, we will delve into the meaning behind this wardrobe change and explore the partnership between the NFL and the military.

Understanding the Partnership:
The NFL has a longstanding relationship with the military, particularly with the United States Armed Forces. This partnership began in 2011 when the league launched the “Salute to Service” campaign, an initiative that honors and supports active-duty military members, veterans, and their families. As part of this campaign, the NFL donates funds to various military organizations and provides unique experiences to military personnel.

The Army Green Initiative:
The recent wardrobe change of NFL coaches to army green apparel is an extension of the “Salute to Service” campaign. By donning this color, coaches are showing their support and solidarity with military members. The color choice symbolizes the Army’s camouflage uniforms, paying homage to the brave men and women who serve their country.


1. Why are only coaches wearing army green, and not the players?
The NFL coaches’ decision to wear army green is a personal choice, and players may have their own way of showing support for the military.

2. How long will coaches be wearing army green?
Coaches will typically wear the army green gear throughout the month of November, which is designated as the NFL’s “Salute to Service” month.

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3. Can fans purchase the army green gear?
Yes, the NFL offers a range of “Salute to Service” merchandise, including the army green gear worn by coaches. Fans can purchase these items from the league’s official website or licensed retailers.

4. Are coaches required to wear army green?
Coaches are not mandated to wear army green, but many choose to do so voluntarily to demonstrate their support for the military.

5. Does the NFL profit from the army green gear?
While the NFL does sell “Salute to Service” merchandise, a portion of the proceeds is donated to military organizations, thus supporting the campaign’s cause.

6. Are there any other ways the NFL supports the military?
In addition to the “Salute to Service” campaign, the NFL provides various experiences and outreach programs for military members, including tickets to games and exclusive events.

7. Are there any criticisms of the NFL’s partnership with the military?
Some critics argue that the NFL’s partnership with the military is a form of “military-washing,” suggesting that it is used as a PR tactic. However, the program has also received praise for raising awareness and supporting veterans and their families.

8. Are the army green uniforms a permanent addition to NFL games?
No, the army green uniforms are specifically worn during the designated “Salute to Service” month and are not a permanent fixture in NFL games.

9. Are other sports leagues involved in similar initiatives?
Yes, other sports leagues, such as the NBA and NHL, also have their own initiatives to honor and support the military.

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10. Can fans contribute to the “Salute to Service” campaign?
Absolutely! Fans can donate directly to the campaign or participate in various fundraising events organized by the NFL and its teams.

11. How much money does the NFL donate to military organizations?
Since the inception of the “Salute to Service” campaign, the NFL has donated over $44 million to military organizations.

12. How else can fans get involved in supporting the military?
Apart from donating, fans can participate in local community service projects that benefit veterans and their families or support organizations that aid military members in their transition to civilian life.

The sight of NFL coaches donning army green gear during games is a visible reminder of the league’s commitment to honoring and supporting the military. Through the “Salute to Service” campaign, the NFL aims to raise awareness about the sacrifices made by military members and provide tangible support to veterans and their families. As fans, we can appreciate and participate in these initiatives, ensuring that our gratitude and respect for the military extend beyond the football field.

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